Room List

Dormitory with Private Space

Our newly refurbished dormitory now includes extra space next to each bed and is designed to feel like a private room.

Shared shower and bathroom.

Women’s Dormitory

Up to 8 guests. Located on a women-only floor for ease of use and mind. The dormitory has plenty of room for organizing and storing your luggage.

Shared shower and bathroom

Twin Room

This unique twin room has 2 beds facing each other.

Shared shower and bathroom

Twin Room [Women Only]

The Moroccan styled interior, cute bunk bed, and small table set are great for a little hangout. Located on the women-only floor.

Shared shower and bathroom

Double Room

Features a double bed and minimalist design. Great for couples, families, or guests who want a larger bed. Single guest reservations are also welcome.

Shared shower and bathroom

4-Person Room

2 bunk beds for a reasonable price.

Perfect for groups of 2-4 guests.

Shared shower and bathroom


Our biggest room covers the whole top floor.

Up to 10 guests can stay here for a reasonable price.

Shared space

Shared Areas and Amenities
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance
  • Stairs and Hallways

Floor Guide


Roof: Smoking Area




Dormitory with Private Space


Twin Room,
Double Room,
4-Person Room


Women Only Floor
Women’s Dormitory、
Twin Room[Women Only]


Living Room, Kitchen,
Laundry, Front Desk,
Entrance, Back Garden (bicycle parking available)