Access Map

3 minutes from the Chinatown tram stop

3 minutes from the Nagasaki Airport Limousine Bus Stop
Our guest house is located in the center of Nagasaki City.
Casa Blanca Guesthouse

〒850-0841 Nagasaki-shi Douza-machi 7-16

+81 95-800-2852

By car and Motorbike

From Nagasaki Interchange to Dejima Road

Nagasaki Interchange → Nagasaki Dejima Road →(2 min)→ Casa Blanca
There is no parking at Casa Blanca. Please use a nearby paid parking lot.

 Guide to nearby parking lots

Space for a few bicycles is available behind the guest house.
(*The area does not have a roof or bike stands)



2-minute walk from the Chinatown(Shinchichuukagai) tram stop

Get off at Chinatown → Head towards Shoko Chukin Bank(商工中金) on the corner → Walk along the river, looking Chinatown on your right → Make a left at the 3rd bridge (The red path ends here and the river begins to curve) → Casa Blanca is white building on your left, across from 7-Eleven

7 minutes tram ride from Nagasaki Station

Take the #1 tram heading for Sofukuji Temple(崇福寺)

JR Nagasaki Station →(5 min walk)→ Nagasaki Station Tram Stop →(7 mins [4th stop])→ Chinatown →(2 min walk)→ Casa Blanca


Only the color of the sign matters, not the color of the tramThe number 1 tram has a blue sign

*One way is 140 yen(70 yen for children)*IC Cards are accepted

35 minutes by Limousine Bus from Nagasaki Airport

Nagasaki airport limousine bus via Dejima Road (for Nagasaki
Shinchi, Nagasaki station, Coco Walk Morimachi)

Nagasaki Airport →(35 min [First stop])→ Nagasaki Shinchi →(3min walk)→ Casa Blanca
*There are a few buses that go to Nagasaki through various routes. Please be sure to take the one that goes through Dejima Road to Shinchi. (It will say 出島道路経由 長崎新地行き).

Time Table

  • Reservations are not accepted
  • One way is 1,200 yen(600 yen for children)
  • IC Cards are accepted

2 hours and 20 minutes by highway bus (Kyushu Express Bus) from the international terminal of Fukuoka Airport

Kyushu Express Bus Kyūshūgō (via Fukuoka airport)「九州号(福岡空港経由)」

Fukuoka airport Domestic Terminal →(Inter-terminal bus 15min)→ International Terminal Bus Stop 3 →(2 hours 20 min)→ Nagasaki Station → Tram#1 tram heading for Sofukuji Temple(崇福寺)→(7min [4th stop])→ Chinatown →(3 min walk)→ Casa Blanca

2 hours by highway bus (Kyushu Express Bus) from the city (Tenjin・Hakata)

Kyushu Express Bus Kyūshūgō (Super Non-stop via Dejima Road)「九州号(スーパーノンストップ出島道路経由)」

Tenjin or Hakata Bus Center →(About 2 hours to 2 hours 20 mins)→ Ohato Bus Stop(大波止) →(10 min walk)→ Casa Blanca

*The Kyushu Express Bus requires a reservation ▶Kyushu Express Bus
*One way is 2,900 yen (round trip tickets or a set of 4 tickets can be bought at a discount)
*IC Cards are accepted

Using a ferry from Kumamoto Port and stopping in the Shimabara Peninsula, you can spend a day travelling from Kumamoto

Kumamoto Port →(Car Ferry 30 or 60 mins)→ Shimabara Port →(Shimabara Railway 80 mins)→ Isahaya Station →(JR Railway Express train 20 mins /Normal train 40〜50 mins)→ Nagasaki Station

By Bus from Shimabara to Nagasaki

Shimabara Port →(Shimatetsu Bus 50 mins)→ Unzen Onsen →(Shimatetsu Bus 25 mins)→ Obama Onsen →(Shimatetsu Bus 60 mins)→ Isahaya Station →(Nagasaki Kenei Bus 1 hour 40 mins)→ Nagasaki Station

Kumamoto Ferry(High Speed Car Ferry that takes 30 mins)

Kyushou Ferry(Car Ferry that takes 60 minutes)

Nagasaki Kenei Bus(Unzen〜Nagasaki Line [Express])Schedule

*Reservation not needed
*One way: From Unzen 1,850yen, From Obama 1,500 yen
*3〜4 busses a day

Shimabara Railway・Shimatetsu Bus

*On weekends a bus circles around sightseeing spots
*There is a one-car train that runs along the ocean
*There is also a café-train

Centered around Unzen Volcano, the Shimabara Peninsula has a variety of impressive titles including “Japan’s first National Park”, Japan’s first Global Geopark”, and “Japan Geopark.”

If you’d like to go on a little adventure, our recommended route is visiting Shimabara’s castle town, Unzen’s Onsen Hell, and Obama’s Onsens!

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