Wanted! Live-in Helpers Free accommodation

Have a long stay at a low cost

By helping clean and maintain the guest house, you can enjoy a laid-back lifestyle during a long stay in Nagasaki. Whether you are thinking of moving to Nagasaki, are taking an extended vacation, are in the middle of a long journey, have just returned from or are planning on studying abroad, or are on a work holiday from abroad, we have a place for you!

Help us clean for 3 hours and the rest of the day is yours

Your main responsibility will be cleaning from 10:00-13:00. You can use the afternoon to do sightseeing, part-time work or whatever you like. Supermarkets and stores selling daily necessities are less than 5 minutes away. Your living costs will be minimal so it is easy to save money with other part-time work.

Rice and Bread provided

The guest house is stocked with rice and bread. You are also welcome to use the kitchen to cook. Aside from cooking utensils and spices, we also have a refrigerator and microwave over so it is easier to cook just like you were at home.


Please read the following terms carefully and apply using the form below. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

[ Work Details ]
  1. Cleaning and maintenance from 10:00-13:00
  2. Simple interactions with customers
  3. 5 days off a month(Requires advance approval)
  4. Must be able to work at least 2 weeks. We especially welcome those staying over 6 months!
  5. You will receive a bed in the dormitory (8-10 person room)
  6. You will stay and work at Casa Noda or Casa Blanca. There are cases where you will be helping at the other guest house
  7. You are free to use the kitchen but it is a shared space with guests
  8. We have rice and bread! We also have a variety of cooking utensils and spices
  9. For non-Japanese applicants, you must have a visa that allows you to work


Outside of work hours guests will continue to treat you as staff. If they come to you with questions, please help them. Additionally, we will ask that you help keep all of the common spaces orderly and clean.

[ Application Form]

    Date of Arrival(*Work will start the next day)

    Date of Departur

    How did you find out about us?

    Tell us about yourself

    Upload a picture of yourself,
    pictures of your passport and work visa(for non-Japanese applicants)