Central location, perfect for walking

Casa Blanca is situated in the heart of Nagasaki. Just one minute away from Chinatown, 2 minutes away from the main shopping area, and with most sightseeing spots including Glover Garden and Spectacles bridge within a 20-minute walk, Casa Blanca is ideal for those who want to explore Nagasaki on foot.

Convenient and Comfortable

Supermarkets and drugstores are located nearby so everyday necessities are just a few minutes away. Casa Blanca is perfect for groups, long-term guests, and those who want to get the full home away from home experience in Nagasaki.

Try your hand at our kitchen

A treasure trove of ingredients from the ocean and islands, Nagasaki is said to have the largest variety of fish and the second biggest haul of fish in all of Japan. If you come across ingredients you like, you are welcome to use Casa Blanca’s kitchen to cook. We have an assortment of dishes, utensils and spices ready for use.

A place for meeting and exchange

A small coincidence can lead to wonderful conversation. Every day Casa Blanca has guests of all ages and orientations from all over Japan and around the world. Our living room is designed so you can make friends and enjoy your time with fellow travelers.

Events at your front door

Casa Blanca is on the parade route for all three of Nagasaki’s big events: The Kunchi Festival, The Lantern Festival and Obon’s Shourounagashi. You can enjoy watching the festivities from our guest house.

Clean common spaces

Showers and bathrooms are shared on each floor of our guest house. These spaces are all located right next to the guest rooms for your convenience.

Multi-lingual support staff

Our staff can all speak Japanese and English. Additionally, some staff can speak Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. We will try to help you in the language you are most comfortable with.

A guest house is about the guests

Guest houses are a simple, frugal type of lodging where guests can interact. We ask that all our guests be respectful of common spaces and other guests. Please refrain from activities, such as making noise late at night, that might disturb the other guests.

14:00 Check-in

Please check in when you arrive. If you arrive early, you can store your luggage in the guest house living room.

15:00 Go Sightseeing!

Glover Garden, Oura Cathedral, the historical Dejima area, the port area, and the Spectacles Bridge are all within a 20-minute walking distance. The Peace Park and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum are about 20 minutes away on the tram. Enjoy an active day in Nagasaki!

17:00-18:00 Enjoy the night view

To get the best experience, arrive at the viewpoint around sunset. The sky’s transition from light blue to orange as the sun sets into the distant western sea is the most beautiful time of day.

20:00 Have a drink in Douza

The Douza and Shianbashi areas with some of Nagasaki’s best izakaya, bars and restaurants are right across the street from Casa Blanca. The maze of unique establishments has something for everyone.<br /> If going out isn’t on your menu, feel free to try your hand at our kitchen and have a drink in the guest house.

22:00 Welcome home

Casa Blanca has a central location, so you won’t have a long walk home. There is always something going on in the living room, so feel free to stop by and say hello.

23:00 Bed Time

Have a shower and get ready to turn in for the night.<br /> The rooms are a place for sleeping so please be mindful of other guests.

7:00 Complimentary Breakfast in the Living Room

Help yourself to some bread and jam from the fridge. We also have a small selection of drinks. Great for those whose have early morning departures.

10:00 Check-out

After you have returned your key and settled your bill, checkout is complete. If you plan to do more sightseeing, you are welcome to store your luggage in the living room.<br /> Please enjoy the rest of your time in Nagasaki!

*It is hard to see all the main sights of Nagasaki with only one night so we recommend staying two!