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7-16 Dōzamachi Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken 850-0841 Japan|Casa Blanca Guesthouse|TEL:+81 95 800 2852

7-16 Dōzamachi Nagasaki-shi,
Nagasaki-ken 850-0841 Japan

Nagasaki city, Japan|Casa Blanca Guesthouse / Backpackers Hostel

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Room Availability

Types of rooms Price
 F-dorm= Female Dormitory(8 spaces) 2,800 3,100 3,800
 M-dorm= Mixed Dormitory(26 spaces) 2,500 2,800 3,500
 P-Single= Single(Private Room: 1 room) 3,800 4,800 5,800
 P-Double= Double(Private Room: 1 room) 6,200 6,800 8,200
 P-Twin= Twin(Private Room: 2 rooms) 5,800 6,400 7,800
 PF-Twin= Female Twin(Private Room: 1 rooms) 6,000 6,600 8,000
 PQuad= 4 person room(Private Room: 1 rooms 10,000 11,200 14,000

○= Space Available   ×= Ful   A number= the amount of spaces left

※Reservations are first come first serve.
※Due to the reservation system, sometimes even when openings are shown, we may already be full, please understand.

Reservation Form

※ Please check-in by 20:00. If, for some reason, you are unable to arrive by 20:00 you must contact us.
※ If you are trying to make a reservation a day ahead of time or less, please call us.
※ We do not accept reservations more than 6 months ahead of time.
※ * Fields are necessary.

    First Name *
    Family Name *
    Phone number *
    E-mail Address *
    E-mail Address(Confirmation)*
    Nationality *

    Check-inl Date * Month Date
    Time of Arrival *

    Check-out Date * Month Date

    Number of Guests * Female

    Room Type *
    ※Multiple selections possible
    Female Dormitory(2,800-3,800 yen/night)
    Mixed Dormitory(2,500-3,500 yen/night)
    Single(3,800-5,800 yen/night)
    Double(6,200-8,200 yen/night)
    Twin(5,800-7,800 yen/night)
    Female Twin(6,000-8,000 yen/night)
    Quadruple(9,600-14,000 yen/night)

    ■Please enter any other comments or questions you have here

    ※In case of a group of over 6 people, we set a different way to book. For details, please ask us with this Reservation Form.
    ※ After you send in your reservation, you will receive an automatic response email.

    ※ After that, we will send you a reservation confirmation email within 24 hours. If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at info@cb716.jp.

    ※ In the event of a reservation cancellation, fees may apply.
    - Any cancellations after reservation : 10% of your staying fee
    - 1 week before your arrival : 100% of your staying fee
    - Cancel on the day and No show without any notification : 100% of your staying fee
    (Booking requests can be accepted before 8:00PM. After 8:00PM, we will check them the next day.)