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Nagasaki Tour) How to enjoy Nagasaki Minatomatsuri(July 30th~31st)

The lanterns are lit, the food stalls set up, and the familiar cries of “Wasshoi! Wasshoi!” fill the air: it’s finally summer in the city. For locals all over the country, the arrival of summer is synonymous with the start of Japanese summer festivals, otherwise known as natsumatsuri.

As most know them today, natsumatsuri are occasions for people to gather and engage in traditional merriment. The girls come dressed in their best kimono, and children are buzzing to try their hand at scooping goldfish. What’s not as widely known is they’re primarily held as a means for religious communication between people and kami—Japanese deities. Marking a variety of things, they’re the main kind of celebration in Shinto, Japan’s former state religion.

“NATSUMATSURI – Navigating Japan`s vibrant summer festivals(http://metropolisjapan.com/natsumatsuri-2015)”

Natsumatsuri, and Minatomatsuri

 through development of technologyーtransportation, communication, and etcー, a lot of people in the world now know that Japan has their own traditional festival which called Natsumatsuri and that is pretty interesting extravaganza, besides. Of course, NOBODY can deny that Japan is really famous country for tourism, but in summer, to visit, participate in, and enjoy Natsumaturi, This island country becomes filled with foreigner.

 And one of important historical port city in Japan, Nagasaki also have attractive Natsumatsuri-which called Minatomatsuri(it means ‘Festival in port’ in Japanese). As the only port opened to foreign country in time of isolationism, beginning of Minatomatsuri in Nagasaki was celebrating of becoming open port from 1927 to 1994 and held April 27th-the day of becoming open port. But from 1994, it became one of Natsumatsuri to let more citizen can participate and enjoy, and the date of Matsuri was changed to summer-basically July 29th,30th,or 31st.

The way of enjoying Minatomatsuri

Natsumatsuriーincluding Minatomatsuriーisn’t just one of special events; it is lifestyle of Japan like christmas of western. As Natsumatsuri neared, People try to wear Yukata, enjoy festive foods at food carts: Takoyaki, Candy Apple, Yakisoba, etc. Most of all, Main events of Minatomatsuri is fireworks. Please refer to this article for detail.

How to Enjoy a Summer Festival (Natsumatsuri)

A main place for Nagasaki Minatomatsuri is around sea cost, of course. At a seaside park, which called ‘Mizubenomosikouen’, a lot of eventsーjumping into the sea with a rope like a Tarzan(30th, need to apply in advance), water fights(31th, need to apply in advance)ーwill be held.

<Map of Mizubenomorikouen with google maps>



In 30th, famous Japanese singer, Fukuyama masaharus video of 25 year anniversary concert will show at seaside park from 18:30. After that, Fireworks will go off with playing of Fukuyama`s song. 10 thousand of fireworks will be let off. And in 31th, from 19:10, Parade of Nagasaki citizen will march around of Dejimaーold customs in medieval japan. From 20:20, 5 thousand of fireworks, which means praying of having a good summer, will be set off.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcO-lGkABXU]


If you need more detail, please feel free to send us any inquiry.


We hope your the most unforgettable memory will be made in this summer, at Nagasaki Minatomatsuri.


Summer afternoon – summer afternoon…; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language

Henry James(1843-1916), an American-born English writer

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