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7-16 Dōzamachi Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken 850-0841 Japan|Casa Blanca Guesthouse|TEL:+81 95 807 3227

7-16 Dōzamachi Nagasaki-shi,
Nagasaki-ken 850-0841 Japan

Nagasaki city, Japan|Casa Blanca Guesthouse / Backpackers Hostel

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✨Casablanca is my whereabouts✨


Hello everyone!! I am Misato from Casablanca Guesthouse!😃

How’s the weather like in your country today? Nagasaki is pretty cold recently😭 but according to guests, Nagasaki is warmer than other area in Japan actually haha


By the way, my really important staff Miki san’s farewell party was held last day.




I have been working in Casablanca for 8months,  she always taught me a lot from the beginning .😂😂

So I am really sad and feel uneasy to say good-bye😭 Although, there are lots of encounter too!!!

Everyone become a like family no matter they stay in here short or long🌸🌸🌸

Everyone gathers 1st share space and talking, dancing, often Takoyaki Party😹haha


what is the most important thing to hotel/hostel for you?

price? location? comfortable? or customer service??


Even it is just a hotel/hostel which is a only 1 night, it would be a great memories if you have encounters!!

Casablanca Guesthouse is a very reasonable, building convenience location and there are encounters!👭

We are really looking forward to you coming to Casablanca Guesthouse😚


Lastly, I am so appreciate to meet Miki san in here!!! Thank you very much! See you soon‼️‼️


This is a fan lobster, Sashimi💗 I love Sashimi so much💗💗



Casa blanca Guesthouse Misato

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HOSTEL Casa Noda
Casa Blanca’s sister branch! The Nagasaki Guest house created by the man charmed by the Amazon River . Only 4 mintues from Nagasaki Station!