Diary of Mac ~Life in Nagasaki~

We are currently working with wonderful helpers from Japan, Taiwan and New Zealand.
Our new helper Mac, from New Zealand came to Nagasaki two weeks ago and is enjoying his life in Nagasaki so far. I will introduce his diary.

Hello people of the world! My name is Mac Smith and I’m currently working part time in Casablanca in exchange for a place to sleep at night. It’s my first time in Nagasaki and so far I’m really enjoying myself! Everyone here has been really friendly and accommodating. I’ve only been working here for 10 days but already the place feels like a second home. The city itself is wonderful. I haven’t managed to see everything yet but what I have seen has been really impressive. The onsen here is probably the best onsen I’ve seen during my time in Japan. And the view of the city is breathtaking. It’s still a little early in the year for the beach but I’m really looking forward to seeing what that’s like as well!

So during my time in Japan this year I have been to Tokyo and Tottori. I would say Nagasaki is a bit of a mix of both of these places. It’s not quite as big and impressive as Tokyo but it’s definitely more urban than Tottori was. I would really recommend going everywhere though if you had the chance.

So far I haven’t managed to do much sightseeing in Nagasaki but I did make it to the peace park the other day. It was interesting seeing all the sculptures from all the different countries and learning more about the effects of the bombing. Being from New Zealand I didn’t really know anything at all about it before coming here. It’s amazing how much the bomb effected this place. It’s even more amazing that it’s been rebuilt as well as it has!

I also tried tomato ramen for the first time ever here in Nagasaki. I know there’s a lot more well known food here but I didn’t want to do everything too quickly. The ramen was interesting. Kind of like what Italian would be like if it was a soupy noodle dish. I would definitely eat it again but I think given the choice normal ramen is still a lot better.

Staying at Casablanca has been an interesting experience. It’s the first time I’ve had to share a room since sleeping with my siblings when I was young. Constantly being around people can be a bit draining but everyone is so nice that it doesn’t really matter. The constant flow of people coming and going means that every night is interesting with new people to talk to. The work isn’t too full on either.


I managed to find this job whilst looking for work online. I was already in Japan at the time and trying to figure out how I was going to spend my year here. Casablanca was one of a few places to message me back. I had a look at everything on offer and decided this was the best place to go. I definitely think I made the right decision there.

In February I came to Japan with a working holiday visa. I’m here for one year. It’s already my third time in the country and I was looking forward to spending an extended period of exploring places that I haven’t been able to see yet. I’ve always had a fascination in Japanese culture so I’m really happy that I’m able to be here right now.

Thank you

Thanks Mac!
Let’s enjoy staying and working with us!


Sweet memories with our special helper ~Nagasaki CasaNoda & CasaBlanca~

We have worked with many helpers ever.

The more we have may helpers, the more we have many wonderful memories. We really enjoy staying and working with them. I will introduce one of our lovely helpers from Taiwan today.


Q1 What brought you to CasaNoda or CasaBlanca (or Nagasaki)?

福山雅治さんbrought me here♡ Nagasaki is a beautiful city, full of history and different cultures.



Q2 Let me know your thoughts after working at CasaNoda and CasaBlanca.

Staff and helpers work together and help each other to finish the house keeping. I think it is very good! I love the feeling of cooperation.


Q3 How did you like Nagasaki?

Nagasaki is full of footprints of Fukuyama san♡ I am very happy to go places which are about Fukuyama san. Besides, I love Nagasaki food as well e.g. ちゃんぽん、吉宗の茶碗蒸し、角煮まん.


Q4 Give some advice for new helpers!

I advise new helpers many need buy earplugs. It is because most of guests go to sleep late at night get up early. It is hard to sleep well.



We are now looking for new helpers from September!

If you are interested in working with us, please give us message anytime!


CasaBlanca Mai


Only 3 minutes walk brings you to India.


Today’s topic is Indian restaurant “MUGAL MAHAL”, only 3 minutes away from CasaBlanca.

This bright orange color will grab your attention.

You must feel like being India when you go into the restaurant. (I have not been to India though!) Smells of delicious curry and spice.


The lunch time starts from 11AM. You have 7 choices of menu and can choose nan or rice. Moreover, they have hot chart from ×1~×50! Who wants to try ×50 curry?

I recommend this nun. It looked too big for me, but I ate up all of them!

Very friendly staff and smell of spice will make you feel like being India! The restaurant is located nearby tram stop”TSUKI MACHI”, our closest station.

Why don’t you try once?





CasaBlanca Mai