Kyushu Nagasaki Guesthouse helping staff wanted!! (helper, volunteer, cleaning staff, free accommodation)

We, Hostel Casa Noda / Casa Blanca Guesthouse are recruiting new staff who wants to communicate with traveler who come from whole world, who wants to improve Japanese ability, who loves Streets or Islands of Nagasaki. Local people of Nagasaki can apply for staff, too.






  • Your job will be cleaning in the morning (10:00-13:00)
  • 5 days work, 1 day rest (Work on Saturdays and Sundays. We need meeting for deciding for rest)
  • An applicant who can work more than two weeks and who can speak English and Japanese will be preferred
  • We will give a bed in a dormitory
  • Free of charge for breads and rice that we provide
  • You will work and stay CasaNoda or CasaBlanca (workplace and accommodation could be separated)
  • The applicants must have work visa in Japan.


Please email us below.

  • Name
  • Mail address
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Arrival date and time at our hostel
  • Departure date from our hostel
  • How did you know our information of helping staff? (Website or search keyword)
  • Self introduction (Hobby, special talent, career, etc)

※Please attach your photo!

※The applicants who do not have Japanese nationality must attach work visa and passport.




Come to Nagasaki for TomatoRamen!!!💗💗💗


Hello everyone! How have you been?😄


I am Misato, staff of Casablanca Guesthouse!✌️




Fortunately, many regular customers come to our Guesthouse recently!

Im SO happy!


I strongly recommend you guys to eat Ramen(noodle)  named  TOMATO RAMEN from Hiragi(柊)


We introduce the noodle before, BUT I wanna restate it to you guys AGAIN and AGAIN lol


























This is Tomato Ramen from Hiiragi(柊)


This is a revolution of noodle in the world lol

I hate tomato, but this one is SUPER yummy💗





I really love this Ramen so I definitely go there once a week, sometimes three times a week!!!

Last week I went there with funniest staff KAMIN💗💗💗💗💗💗























The regular customers go there whenever they come back to Nagasaki


Japanese noodle shop opened in the first-class district of Manhattan in NY recently😲!

Noodle boom is COMEING now!!!😎😎😎

People who like Ramen, welcome to Nagasaki!





Come to Nagasaki and Let’s go there together!!!

✨Casablanca is my whereabouts✨


Hello everyone!! I am Misato from Casablanca Guesthouse!😃

How’s the weather like in your country today? Nagasaki is pretty cold recently😭 but according to guests, Nagasaki is warmer than other area in Japan actually haha


By the way, my really important staff Miki san’s farewell party was held last day.




I have been working in Casablanca for 8months,  she always taught me a lot from the beginning .😂😂

So I am really sad and feel uneasy to say good-bye😭 Although, there are lots of encounter too!!!

Everyone become a like family no matter they stay in here short or long🌸🌸🌸

Everyone gathers 1st share space and talking, dancing, often Takoyaki Party😹haha


what is the most important thing to hotel/hostel for you?

price? location? comfortable? or customer service??


Even it is just a hotel/hostel which is a only 1 night, it would be a great memories if you have encounters!!

Casablanca Guesthouse is a very reasonable, building convenience location and there are encounters!👭

We are really looking forward to you coming to Casablanca Guesthouse😚


Lastly, I am so appreciate to meet Miki san in here!!! Thank you very much! See you soon‼️‼️


This is a fan lobster, Sashimi💗 I love Sashimi so much💗💗



Casa blanca Guesthouse Misato