【Parking Space】Casa Blanca Guesthouse’s Nearby (Doza, Shianbashi, Nagasaki)

Thank you for your stay with Casa Blanca Guesthouse in Nagasaki city.

There is no free parking space in our guesthouse, but are many pay parking lot around us.


The fee depends on when and how many hours you park,

please find out your favorite place with the list below!



Black Number Pin : Recommended car park nearby Casa Blanca

Light Blue Pin : The others

Reference : “” for real time parking space availability and directions.



Reference Doza Park     \Cheapest 24hour fee, Motorcycles OK/

Address 7-13 Doza-machi Nagasaki city [Next to CasaBlanca]
Tel +81 95-823-4120
Maximum Capacity 357 vehicles
Multistoried Parking Building (Max height 2.3m)
Business Hours 24hours
Parking Fee 7:00-22:00  30min/150yen
22:00-7:00  90min/150yen
Extended Time Discount 12:00-12:00(24hours)   Max 1,500円
(with the discount ticket we provide)
7:00-20:00  Max 1,200yen(Weekdays)
20:00-7:00  Max 900yen(Weekdays)
About Right next to our guesthouse
– staff stays for 24hours
– Building with a roof
For motorcycles: 12hours 200yen

Shin Kanko Tower Parking          \Cheapest Night Fee/

Address 4-26 Kago-machi Nagasaki city [1min from CasaBlanca]
Face to Hotel JAL City in Chinatown
Dragon’s dance big drawing on the wall
Tel +81 95-828-2121
Maximum Capacity 96 vehicles   Tower parking(Oversized vehicles not allowed)
Business Hours 7:00~23:30 (Close at night)
Parking Fee 30min/140yen (Pay before parking)
Extended Time Discount 7:00-23:30   Max 900yen
17:00-10:00(next morning)   Max 700yen
About The cheapest night fee
**No staff at night. You can’t use the car during the night

Teiken Doza Parking                     \Cheapest Time Rate/

Address 8-2Doza-machi Nagasaki city [20sec from CasaBlanca]
Placed along the narrow path in front of CasaBlanca (Turn the corner at Seven-Eleven)
Tel +81 96-363-6200
Maximum Capacity 8 vehicles
Parking Fee 7:00-21:00 40min/100yen
21:00-7:00 60min/100yen   Max 600yen
About – The cheapest time rate

Times Nagasaki ChinaTown               \24hours fee/

Address 13 Shinchi-machi Nagasaki city [1min from CasaBlanca]
Maximum Capacity 21 vehicles
Parking Fee Weekdays                      40min/500yen
Weekends&Holidays   40min/600yen
Extended Time Discount 24hour  Max 1,500yen
About – 24hours from the time you park

Prefectural Tokiwa Parking (South side)           \For Buses/

Address 1 Tokiwa-machi Nagasaki city [10min from CasaBlanca]
Tel +81 95-818-8550
Maximum Capacity Standard-sized cars 76 vehicles, Buses 98 vehicles
Parking Fee 8:00-18:00   Cars 30min/100yen   Buses 30min/600yen
18:00-8:00   Cars 30min/50yen   Buses 30min/300yen
Extended Time Discount 80:00-18:00   Cars Max 1,000yen   Buses Max 2,400yen
18:00-8:00   Cars Max 800yen   Buses Max 2,400yen
About Reservation not accepted
– For buses (Japanese only)



We are waiting for your safe arrival🚗🎶

If your arrival is supposed to be after 20:00, please let us know in advance.